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  1. The City of Branson Planning and Development Department appreciates the opportunity to serve you. Thank you for taking the time to give us your honest opinion regarding your level of satisfaction with our services during your recent project.

  2. Building Permit Process

  3. 1. Department staff’s explanation of the permit process.

  4. 2. Clarity and helpfulness of the written information I received.

  5. 3. Turnaround time (timeliness) of the permit process.

  6. Inspection Process

  7. 4. Department staff’s explanation of the inspection process.

  8. 5. Timeliness of performed inspections.

  9. 6. Consistency and fairness in applying code requirements by the inspector(s).

  10. 7. Please indicate your overall experience by identifying the inspector(s) who assisted with your project.

  11. Optional Information

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