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Adopt-A-Street Sign Up

  1. Dear Adopt-A-Street Participant

    The City of Branson is on a very active campaign to make Branson as clean and beautiful as possible for our citizens and visitors. Your group may pick up your street as many times and whenever they wish. We ask that each group pick up their adopted street at least three times a year: spring, by Memorial Day, summer-by Labor Day and fall, by Thanksgiving.

    Please follow these procedures to ensure the safety of the members of your organization.

    1. One or more persons in group need to watch a Safety Video (can be picked up and returned with safety vests & bags) or you may watch the video here.
    2. Each member of your group who is picking up trash MUST wear an orange reflective vest so they can be easily spotted by traffic. You will receive these when you pick up your trash bags at Public Works Tower.
    3. Pick up your trash bags during working hours (7:30-4:00 M-F) on the 2nd Floor of the Public Works Tower at 616 W. Pacific.
    4. Call Public Works at 243-2725 and give us 24 hours’ notice so we can arrange to pick up the filled bags.
    5.Park vehicles on road shoulders or in parking lots where available. DO NOT park in traffic lanes. If you park on the shoulder, turn on emergency blinkers.
    6. Place the bags on the curb about 4 feet from the edge of the road. Be sure the tops are securely tied. Group together as much as possible.
    7. If there are items too large to place in sacks, lay them down and set the bags on top.

    Thanks to each of you for the time you spend helping us keep our streets clean. We truly appreciate your efforts. If you have any questions, please call us at 243-2725.

    When your organization picks up your street and disposes of the trash, it is very important that you notify our office that you have done so, to allow us to update our files. You can notify us via phone or this form

    If your organization is no longer able or interested in being a participant in the Adopt-A-Street programs, please call us at 243-2725, so we can assign the street to another group.

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