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Hiawatha Heights

Hiawatha Heights

Neighborhood Organization

Established in 2010

2015 Officers:

Chairperson - Jim Lawson
Vice Chairperson - Eric Eighmy
Secretary - Jo Bardeen
Treasurer - Debbie Davis

2015 Board Members:

Jim Justus
Fred Pfister
Tammy Braswell

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About the Hiawatha Heights Neighborhood Organization:

The Hiawatha Heights Neighborhood Organization is a voluntary group of neighbors established to address a broad range of issues for the purpose of maintaining and improving the quality of life within the neighborhood by encouraging neighborhood identity and facilitating communication with the City of Branson.

The Hiawatha Heights Neighborhood Organization is for the benefit of all households whether or not members of the organization.

The Hiawatha Heights Neighborhood Organization shall cover all land contained within the following boundaries: West Highway 76 on the north, Highway 65 on the east, the back property line of all property on the south side of Cliff Drive, and the Methodist Church (1208 W Highway 76) on the west.

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Neighborhood Projects

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