Skate Park

The Skate Park is located on the south side of Stockstill Park.  This park has become a favorite of skaters all over the Branson area.  The park is free and open from 8:00am to sunset, weather permitting.  It is designed for inline skates, roller skates and skateboards.  No bikes are allowed on the equipment.

The park features include a Quarter Pipe, Grindbox, Jump Ramp, Grind Rails, Wedge-Flat-Wedge Center Ramps, Concrete Grind Box and a Trick Table. This is your skate park.  If you see any vandalism, graffiti, illegal drugs, alcohol or inappropriate behavior in accordance with the rules below, please call the Branson Police Department (911) or the Branson Parks & Recreation Department at 335-2368 immediately.

Skate Park Rules & Regulations

  1. Skate parks hours are 8:00am to sunset. There is no lighting for the park.
  2. This is a “SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK” facility. This is a non-supervised facility designed for skates, skateboards and in-line skates only. No bikes, scooters or motorized vehicles allowed.
  3. Helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards are STRONGLY recommended. Use of the park may expose user to serious injury including broken bones, paralysis or death.
  4. Know your skating ability. To reduce risk of injury to yourself and others around you, know your ability and the ability of those around you. Be respectful to those who are not as skilled.
  5. Avoid skating if surfaces are damaged. Report any damages to the Branson Park’s Department as soon as possible at 335-2368.
  6. Additional ramps or jumps, or other items such as benches, tables or wood materials, are NOT allowed in the skate park facility. Any modifications to the skating surface or features is not allowed and could cause serious injury.
  7. No glass containers, food or beverage are allowed in the skating area. It is up to you to keeps the park clean. Use trash receptacles and keep sticky food and drinks outside the fenced area.
  8. Pay Phone, Water Fountain and Restrooms available in the park. Walk across bridge and to the left, next to playground area.
  9. No pets allowed in the skate park facility.
  10. Do not proceed down a ramp until clear of other skaters.
  11. It is unlawful for anyone to enter or remain within the fenced skate park area other than the hours posted.
  12. Alcohol, tobacco and/or drugs are prohibited.
  13. Profanity and abusive language or behavior will not be allowed.

Safety Equipment and helmets are strongly recommended to be worn at all times by all users within the fenced skate park area.  It is also strongly recommended that knee and elbow pads and hand and wrist guards are worn at all times to help provide suitable protection in the event of falls or collisions.

Use Common Courtesy and Skate Friendly!

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