What kind of crime does Flock help solve and reduce?

: Flock Safety helps solve and reduce all types of violent and non-violent crime. Some of the main types of property crime Flock Safety addresses include mail and package theft, home invasions, vandalism, illegal dumping, trespassing and burglary. The system regularly helps solve violent crimes as well, including assault, kidnappings, shootings, and homicides. 

The system Alerts additionally notify law enforcement of vehicles that are in local, state and national databases associated with crimes such as sex offenders, stolen vehicles, stolen plates, warrants, and missing people. The system is not used for minor traffic offenses and parking. 

License plate numbers and Flock’s Vehicle Fingerprint technology give law enforcement the objective, actionable leads needed to solve investigations. It can help pinpoint a subject’s last known location, which narrows down the search radius and time to solve crime.

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6. What kind of crime does Flock help solve and reduce?
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