Employment Opportunities

Employment Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in a job or career with the City of Branson? 

  • Internships are available for college credit. Seasonal interns can work under different Parks and Recreation personnel including our office manager, recreational specialist, marketing supervisor, concessions and tournaments director, and assistant director. 
    • Contact (417)335-2368 if interested. 
  • Part-time jobs can be seasonal or year-round. Seasonal jobs include lifeguards and camp counselors (16+), and concessionaires (14+). Year-round positions include front desk receptionists, maintenance and janitorial staff, youth sports referees (work select seasons or year-round), and campground staff. 
    • Contact (417)335-2368 for the latest job openings.
  • Full-time positions are hourly or salaried. Positions include front desk specialist, janitorial and maintenance, campground manager, and more. 
    • Contact (417)335-2368 for the latest job openings.
  • Volunteers are always appreciated at our Community Center
    • Contact Traci Burrow at (417)337-1025 for volunteerism opportunities

Click here to see current job postings for all City of Branson departments. 

Seasonal Jobs: Ages 14 and up
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