Branson Parks & Recreation - Tournament Schedule 2019

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29-30Branson Junior High Softball Tournament
13-14USSSA Baseball Tournament Register Here 
27-28USSSA Baseball Tournament Register Here 
27-28HoopPlay USA Basketball Tournament Register Here
4-5USSSA Baseball Tournament Register Here
11-12Hoops Midwest Basketball Tournament  Register Here
11-12USSSA Baseball Tournament Register Here
18-19USSSA Baseball Tournament Register Here
24-26Mid-West Nationals Tournament
HoopPlay USA Basketball Tournament Register Here
31-June 2USSSA Baseball Tournament Register Here
1-2 USSSA Baseball Tournament Register Here
1-2HoopPlay USA Basketball Tournament Register Here
4Tri-Lakes Basketball Tournament Register Here
5-7Licking High School Basketball Team Camp Register Here
7-9USSSA Baseball Tournament Register Here
12-13Tri Lakes Basketball Tournament Register Here
14-16USSSA Baseball Tournament Register Here
15-16"Andy's Frozen Custard" HoopPlay Basketball Tournament Register Here
16-17HoopPlay USA Basketball Tournament Register Here
19-21Licking High School Team Basketball Camp Register Here
20-23USSSA Ozark Classic NIT Softball Tournament Register Here
HoopPlay USA Basketball Tournament Register Here
26-28Tri-Lakes Basketball Tournament Register Here
USSSA Boys Global World Series Register Here
Hoops Midwest Basketball Register Here
5-7Meltdown Basketball Tournament Register Here
5-7Firecracker Baseball Tournament Register Here
8-13USSSA Girls 9/10 World Series Register Here
Tri-Lakes Basketball Tournament  Register Here
11-13Licking High School Volleyball Team Camp Register Here
15-20FASA Girls U14-U18 World Series Register Here
17-19Tri-Lakes Basketball Tournament  Register Here
20-21Meltdown Basketball Tournament Register Here
22-26Challenger Youth Soccer Camp Register Here
22-27FASA Girls U8-U12 World Series Register Here
25-26Tri-Lakes Basketball Tournament Register Here
27-28HoopPlay USA Basketball Tournament Register Here
31-Aug 1
Tri-Lakes Basketball Tournament Register Here
20Branson High School Softball Jamboree
NSA Super Regional Championship Register Here
31-Sept 1Hoops Midwest Basketball Register Here
20-21Branson High School Softball Tournament
20-22Branson Classic Pickleball Tournament Register Here
21-22Vintage Baseball Tournament Register Here
7Archery Qualifying Tournament
14Benefit the Badge Pickleball Tournament

National Softball Association (NSA)

Returning this year are several NSA World Series Qualifiers offering an opportunity for adult softball teams to go to State, Regional and National tournaments.  For more information, please go to

Branson Junior High Softball Tournament

The Branson RecPlex will host area Junior High softball teams in this two day softball tournament.

HoopPlay USA Basketball Tournaments

The Branson RecPlex is excited to bring a new brand of basketball back to the Ozarks for 2018.  HoopPlay USA has hosted over 300 events in 9 different states and brought 5 events to Branson in 2017. Go to to find out about these basketball tournaments and to get your team signed up.

Tri-Lakes Shootouts 

Tri-Lakes Shootouts are offered for your school’s varsity, junior varsity or middle school boys and girl’s basketball teams. Your team will have the opportunity for game experience and to keep in shape during the summer months. Teams may go to to register.

Licking High School Summer Camps

This year's Branson Basketball Camp will be a three day combination camp on June 7-9 and 20-22. Not only games will be provided but also time for instruction and a clinic format. The Volleyball Camps will also offer a 3 day format and is limited to 90 teams. The dates are July 12-14. Go to to register your team.

Meltdown Basketball Tournament

Bring your teams to Branson for some summer hoops at the "Meltdown". This NCAA sanctioned events are scheduled for July 6-8 and July 21-22 and offer boys and girls teams grades 7th-12th an opportunity for competition. Go to to find out about this basketball tournament and to get your team signed up.

USSSA Baseball Tournaments (USSSA)

The RecPlex will play host to 11 youth baseball tournament this summer, including the Boy’s U10 AA State Baseball Tournament, the Global World Series and the Boy's U12 AA World Series Championship. To view a full schedule of Branson tournaments, go to and click on the Branson Tournament link on the left of the page.For tournament bracket information for USSSA baseball, go to and click on Branson tournaments.

USSSA Softball Tournaments (USSSA)

Branson has once again been awarded the USSSA Girls World Series Championship on July 9-15. Prior to that, the Ozark Classic NIT will be in Branson on June 21-24. Go to to learn more about these events.

Fastpitch America Softball Association (FASA)

With a goal to be the most team, coach, fan and player friendly organization in the nation, FASA is a fast growing association. FASA hosted their first girl's World Series in 2014 and is coming back to Branson in 2018 with two events! They bring the girl's U8-U18 World Series to the Branson RecPlex July 16-22 and July 23-29. Go to for more information.

NASP Archery Qualifying Tournament

The Branson Parks & Recreation Department is excited to bring a new type of event to the Branson area. We will be hosting our second NASP Archery Tournament at the RecPlex. This tournament is for those who are with a sanctioned team and are hoping to qualify for the State Tournament. To find out more about the National Archery in the Schools Program or other tournaments in the area, visit their website at